Special Feature

From time to time we may have a story to share, be it news or what have you, that doesn't really fit in another section, or requires more space than is available on our News and Information page.  This came about because of a request from Alicia at Bust Out Bail Bonds about this story.  This will not be updated on a regular basis, only when there is a story worth sharing on here.  Since Alicia and Bust Out Bail Bonds have been one of the biggest supporters of our monthly calendar, I started this section to share this story.

Bust Out Bail Bonds would like to announce that they are sponsoring RJ Smotherman's race team.  RJ is a 12 year old straight A honor roll student who aspires to someday be in Nascar, and he already has a very good start.  He has been racing in the Bandolero Bandit competitions at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  He is the 2015 and 16 Bandolero Bandit champion at the Las Vegas Motor Speedways Bullring and the 2016 and 17 Bandolero Bandit champion at their road course.  He is also the Nevada State Bandolero Bandit champion.  He has been racing for over 4 years, and has recently moved on to race a full size super late model in a class designed for kids age 10-16 on Mav TV.  These races are held at Madera Speedway 29 miles north of Fresno, California.

The series, the Junior Late Model series, was made possible by Kyle Busch and Madera Speedway owner Kyle Sheperd.  The two donated the money that covered the cost of the insurance for the kids involved in it.  The cars are full size, but have some modifications such as a restrictor plate that make them safer for the young drivers.

RJ's family has some racing history, although not on a big name basis, and they are competing against families with much deeper pockets, despite their being a blue collar working class family.  His racing has been made possible through the generous donations of sponsors such as Bust Out Bail Bonds, and Affordable Auto, among others.

RJ is a skilled driver, and is very competitive.  He and his family always welcome new sponsors, and if you would like to sponsor this young man's racing career, you can contact them at smotherman24@yahoo.com or by phone at (775)450-2257.  As always, let them know you heard about them on Sin City Biker..