Sin City Biker Classifieds 

We are now starting a classified section here in Las Vegas.  There are a couple of requirements.  First of all, this is a Las Vegas area ONLY classified listing.  If you are in Boston, Virginia, Montana, LA, Mumbai, or some other area, go to Craigslist.  Second, since this is a biker site, these are motorcycle specific classifieds.  Thirdly, this is for private party ads.  If you have a business you want to promote, you are more than welcome to advertise on the site, but not here.

Here is how it works.  You submit your classified ad in one of the following categories to along with up to 15 photos and your name, exact location (which will be verified it is in the Southern NV area on google maps)  and a phone # you can be reached at for verification purposes.   Within a day, I will call you to verify the ad and specifics.  While I am on the phone with you, I will give you an ad number for your classified ad for future reference, and instruct you to make a payment of $3 via paypal to  That $3 fee (for all ads but items wanted, there is no fee for an items wanted ad,) is a further protection against spammers and bullshitters in these ads.  The fee is non refundable, and the ad will run until you contact me and inform me you have sold the item.  There is no need to re-list, and if you want to modify the ad, e-mail me with the ad #  and the changes you wish to make and I will make the changes to your ad.  Once your ad has been accepted, you will get an e-mail confirming the text of your ad, the ad #, and that your ad fee has been received.

Categories and their requirements/ guidelines are as follows:
  • Street legal bikes for sale-  Legal and road worthy bikes of all types with a legal title.  If you don't have a title, it's a parts bike and gets listed in parts.
  • non street legal bikes for sale- dirt bikes, race bikes, and any other types that are not intended for use on public roads and are not issued with a title.  Again, street bikes with no title are parts bikes, not non street legal bikes, unless it is a bike that is specifically set up for the track.
  • Parts & Accessories- any type of motorcycle parts and accessories, including parts bikes (see above listings.)  Accessories can include clothing, helmets, misc gear, anything motorcycle related.
  • Wanted- If you are looking for an item, you can list in this section for free.  Again, this is for motorcycle related ads only.
Again, send an e-mail to, thanks.