Las Vegas Schoolgirl Run

When I heard about this run coming here, to say I was looking forward to it would be an understatement.  I had heard about this type of run taking place in other cities, and Las Vegas just seemed like a natural fit.  If it had been organized properly, it could have been a raging success.

Now, I am the first to admit that putting together an event, especially a motorcycle event, is not easy and has a good deal of issues you face.  From what I understand, the group that put this event together was from elsewhere.  Now I don't know how they do runs where they came from, but here we have enough competition for entertainment that you need to offer more than some scantily clad women (that from what I was told, were mostly provided by the stops and venues that were on the run) for a $20 admission.  For that fee, you were given a sheet to have your poker hand marked.  That was it.  If you wanted raffle tickets, none were included, you needed to buy them.  Food?  You're on your own.  Not so much as a bag of chips and a shitty hot dog.  The one thing that was offered free of charge to participants was not of the doing of the event organizers, but one of the sponsors; Dirty Tequila was at the last couple of stops with their "dirty girls" handing out free samples of their flavored tequila.  They did a great job, and I do not fault them at all.  I spoke to the owner, and he was very helpful and hospitable.  That said, if you have a flavored tequila company as your sponsor, you need to at the very minimum, make sure some snacks are provided so attendees are not taking several complimentary shots on an empty stomach then getting on their bikes and riding off.

We got to the last stop of the run, and to say that the hosts were overwhelmed would be an understatement.    As alluded to previously, there was no food included (I asked the organizer, and was told "no, there's no food, it's only $20 for the run, they can pay for their own food."  This is a piss poor attitude for an event organizer.  Charge me an extra $5 and give me a sandwich or box lunch, or something, but don't approach me with a "fuck it" attitude.  There was a charity involved that benefitted from this run.  I don't recall who it was, but I do recall being told that they needed to find a last minute replacement because their original charity had backed out.

All in all, the organizers of this event turned what was a terrific concept that could have been an epic run into a gigantic clusterfuck.  I don't see this event returning (or the organizers, for that matter,) but if they do, I will stay far away.