Ladies of Sin
Brought to you in part by Bust Out Bail Bonds

This month we have a very special Ladies of Sin feature.  The Lady of Sin featured on our print calendar is Julia Reed Nichols.  She is the founder of Pin Ups On Tour.  They are a group of ladies (and one man) who do an old fashioned vaudeville style burlesque show to raise money and morale for veterans who are in VA hospitals and veterans homes.  They are a non profit organization, and put on a great show.

This month's Ladies of Sin feature is, once again, sponsored by the Marine Riders to announce their upcoming Toys for Tots kick off party.  The party will be on June 10 starting at 5 pm.  When Ghost and I spoke, he mentioned that these ladies were going to be performing on April 22, and we agreed to feature one of them for the calendar.  Ghost asked me to come in and take some photos of these ladies during their performance as well as just prior and to use one of the photos for the calendar.  Also, another thing that is starting this month is that this page is sponsored in part from this point on by Bust Out Bail Bonds.  Alicia purchased advertising on the site, then inquired about having their logo on the calendar for an indefinite time.  She paid to have her logo on the calendar, and it appears right next to the qr code for the Ladies of Sin page on the calendar, as well as at the top of each page at the header from now on.

Julia started this group some time ago along with her right hand woman, Dixie Mae Rebel.  They bill themselves as being "a good time for a great cause."  Their  goal is to recreate the magic of the Hollywood Canteen that operated during the 1940's as a club offering dancing, drinks and entertainment for service members, usually on their way overseas. The evening will feature dancing showgirls, Comedy, Variety Acts, Soulful Lounge singers, vintage candy girls and more than a few surprises!  As I stated before, it is a traditional vaudeville style burlesque show.  The perform in various veterans hospitals and such (with a slightly tamer show) for the veterans, as well as shows in other locations to raise money for their performances for veterans, and they always admit veterans to their show for free.  At all of their shows, they ask the audience to purchase calendars and sign them to be presented to veterans who are in ill health.

At their show at the Leatherneck on the 22nd, they put on a great show.  If you are not familiar with the origins and history of vaudeville (and burlesque) it was not originally a variety show of sorts that permitted humor and talent that was a little baudier than usual.  Although the striptease originated here (and was an integral part) that was not the only part of the show.  It also featured singing and dancing, comedy, and anything else that they could put on the stage.

The show was hosted by Jesse Belle, a local.  She came out, and started to call out numerous members of the audience.  The members she called out included a group of three guys who had seen them in Utah the night before, and drove here to Vegas to watch them again.  After this was an older man who was a veteran.  A very wrong, but amusing exchange took place, when she asked about him, and he replied "I'm your father."  It turned out that he was not actually her biological father, but rather kind of a chosen family member.  It still made for a very amusing exchange, though.

Later in the show, a t-shirt that was donated by a jerky company that read "My Meat is Hard" was auctioned off.  There was very spirited bidding, and in no time, the winning bid of $300 was made, and matched by a second individual.  The winning bids were a story in themselves.  The winning bid was none other than John Wayne Bobbit (if you are too young to understand why this is amusing, google his name.)  They had two shirts, and the other bidders were given the opportunity to match the winning bid.  The individual who took up this offer was none other than the individual who was earlier identified as Jesse Belle's Father.  The two of them were called up to the stage and sat down on folding chairs.  At this point, Dixie Mae Rebel came up and gave them the shirts off her back during a classic striptease to a couple of songs performed by a couple of the other performers.

This was a very entertaining show, and if you get a chance to watch their show, go see it.  You can see their show schedule on their website;, as well as information about the performers.  They will be performing at the Leatherneck again sometime again in the near future, be sure to go see them, it is worth the cost of admission.