Kracker Boxx Bar

We would like to welcome Phil and the rest of the crew at the Kracker Boxx Bar back to our family of advertisers.  The Kracker Boxx is a family run establishment that is owned and operated by a biker, where all bikers are welcome.  As a matter of fact, I ran into Phil at the Ironcrossmen's toy run in December, and he asked me about sponsoring the calendar.  He was one of the first to support this site, and I am glad to have them back among our sponsors.  Their bartenders were featured in our January, 2017 Ladies of Sin feature.  They are also going to be hosting our first ever contest to find Sin Cities Coolest bikes and Hottest Ladies to be featured on our first ever yearly calendar.

The Kracker Boxx is located at 1000 N. Nellis Blvd here in Las Vegas.  It is kind of an odd fit, but in a cool way.  They are at the end of a strip mall, and when you walk in, your senses are kind of bombarded with the Viking theme of the bar, and a very cool mural that takes up the wall opposite the bar of a viking ship sailing over rough seas.  The bar is manned (womanned?) by Phils daughter, sister, and her daughter, and they make everyone feel welcome.

Having been busy with all of the updates, I haven't had a chance to meet with Katti, the events coordinator for the Kracker Boxx, to nail down the details for the calendar girl/ bike contest, nor have I had time to get photos (other than the Ladies of Sin feature photos) for this, but I hope to accomplish both of these things this week, and will update this feature when I do.

Please stop by and see Phil and the crew at the Kracker Boxx and support them.  As always, tell them that Sin City Biker sent you.  You can see what events they have going on on their facebook page at