2015 Alien Abduction Rally

At the end of April in 2015, a small group of lunatics, weirdos, chopper freaks, and other people just out to have a good time, rode out across the Extra Terrestrial Highway to the small town of Rachel, NV.  A former associate of mine referred to it as the gift shop for Area 51.  They engaged in a weekend of camping, bonfires, fireworks, barbecues, fleshhook suspension, and other events you are most likely not going to find in most major motorcycle events.

This event has happened for a few years, and has grown to the point where subsequent events were only spread by word of mouth.  Unless you hear about it from someone, you won't find out about it.  This was done to keep the event to a manageable size and to keep it from becoming another Laughlin or Sturgis.  You usually ride out with a group from whatever city you leave from, and set up camp for the weekend.  There is no charge for this event, it is supported solely by sponsors.  Among others, the sponsors include Biltwell, and the Little Ale-Inn is a very gracious host to the event.

There are some bike games over the weekend, along with a great deal of drunken revelry that is absent from most events these days.  (How many other events can you think of where participants get to the point where they think it is a good idea to jump over the bonfire?)  

This is a great event that harkens to the spirit of the original bike events.  Think of the Jackpine Gypsy's camping in Pappy Hoel's back yard, and it was probably a spirit similar to this event.  I am sworn to secrecy to future dates and times of these events in order to preserve its original intent, but if someone pulls up to you on a ratty old chopper, and invites you to ride out to Rachel for an event, go.  I promise you won't be sorry.